FF76 - fire resistante E120

Steel fire roller shutter E120 fireproof examined in accordance with PN-EN 1634-1:2014 are made of joint steel segments 76 mm high. Rails, smoke canal, and cover are made of flexible steel plate. Gate and rails are galvanized in standard. Blinds are activated by the thermal fuse which reacts in 70 C° or 24V fire alarm.

Gate can be used in underground garages, residential buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, logistics, depositories, halls, manufactories, multi-station garages, window facades, industrial buildings, etc.

FF76 Fire roller shutter E120 is constructed in order to fire protection up to two hours. Fire barrier FF76 Fortaxa Technology can be installed in any kind of standard buildings, and public use buildings, fabrics, depositories, and residential houses in order to protect elevators, kitchen, windows, doors, holes in the walls, stairs, halls, and corridors.

Available in standard sizes up to 6 meters wide, and 6 meters high (bigger sizes also possible). Thanks to the mounting options fitting to all kinds of ceiling configurations can be integrated both with the stative or dropped ceiling and can stay hidden in a ceiling itself until its activation. Steel fire gates may be connected to the fire central and activated by the fire alarm system in the buildings.