Roller shutters RC3 (burglary resistance)

Anti-burglar roller blinds used in a wide scope of buildings security.

They provide optimal security for a wide scope of usage. They have all needed quality certificates in accordance with all EU norms. Depository, manufactory, office building, commercial, or private property – our Anti-burglar roller blinds are perfect solution for all of them. The same as rolling grilles can be made of steel or aluminum; they feet to almost every room inside or outside of the buildings.

Anti-burglar roller blinds means durability and flexibility.

Our certified Anti-burglar roller blinds and rolling grilles perfectly fulfill requirements of all big shopping centers, industrials, but also Your home providing security and functionality.

Anti-burglar roller blinds – esthetics and security.

Modern and esthetic outlook of our Anti-burglar roller blinds provides quality and makes it perfect for every object such as industrial building, shopping mall, or house. Anti-burglar roller blinds and rolling grilles RC3 are esthetic protection witch perfectly composes with present architecture and its style creating harmonious inner and outer appearance.

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